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Now we can maintain our yards with emission control on our minds while utilizing some amazing new technology. We are now able to let the equipment do the work on its own if we choose to do so. Explore the products and make your choice of equipment that fits your needs by visiting our Online Store Lithium Power Plus. Just click on the banner above.

Robotic & Walk Behind Mowers

Fully Programmable, Virtually Silent, Audible Alarm For Theft Prevention, Zero Emissions, & Auto Dock For Recharge, Can Program To Run Day Or Night, Rain Or Shine

Fully Programmed, AIA Technology For Intricate Cuts, Navigates Narrow Passages, Shock Sensors To Avoid Obstacles, & Auto Base Return For Rain Or Recharge

20 Inch Cut Capacity, Advanced Arc-Lithium 4.0 ah 56V Battery & Rapid Charger, 3 in 1 Function, Push Button Start & Folds For Easy Storage

Smart Cut Technology For Power Adjustments For Different Grass Heights, Dual Blades, Dual Battery System & 20 Inch Cutting Deck & A G-Max 40V Battery System That Powers Multiple Tools

Black & Decker MTC 220

For the small lawns here is a 3 tools in 1 product that easily converts from mower to trimmer to edger AFS automatic feed system ensures continuous work without bumping and having to stop. Power Drive Transmission prevents bogging down. Adjustable height deck & trimmer and pivoting handle Includes (2) batteries for extended run time. View at LITHIUM POWER PLUS in the banner above. The item is the Black & Decker MTC 220 and under the tab 3 in 1 Lawn Tool

Three In One Mower, Edger & Trimmer

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Black & Decker MTC 220

Best Small Yard Lawn Mower

When we say small yard lawnmower we mean one that is actually made to handle small lawns thus reducing the size and the cost of your purchase below the typical regular or larger size lawnmowers. Especially if you are renting a small home that has a tiny yard that you have to maintain. So what […]

Kobalt Lithium Mower

Kobalt 80v Lithium Mower

    VIEW KOBALT 80V Homeowners should now be aware that lithium powered lawnmowers have earned the right to be known as great working lawnmowers. All of these lawnmowers are designed to handle up to one acre of a lawn. This is ensured by having two batteries to eliminate interruption. The Kobalt 80v lithium mower comes […]

Every Reason To Use Lithium Mowers

Reasons To Use A Lithium Lawnmower

If you mow your own lawn, there is a chance you might be in the percentage of people who only used gas mowers to get the job done. While gas mowers do just well, Lithium-powered lawnmowers can be just as effective with a few advantages depending on if some of its features can be a […]

Ego Power Plus Snow Blower

Lithium Snow Blower Review

When it comes to snow cleanup we want to get it over with quickly.  This lithium snow blower review will tell you how and what is available to remove snow from sidewalks & driveways quickly and efficiently.  We included videos of some snow blowers to give you a better perspective on the products included in this […]

Lithium Powered Hedging

My Experience With Lithium Lawn Equipment

As a person who promotes lithium lawn equipment, I felt that I should share the experience I had this weekend while working. I give a lot of advice on why I think you should love lithium powered equipment so I thought my experience with one of the tools would help me give more reasons to […]

The Best Thing About Lithium Lawnmowers

The Best Thing About Lithium Lawnmowers

Mowing your lawn is a chore that has to be done and there is no way around it if you want your property to look its best. You either will do it yourself or hire someone to take care of it for you. If you do it yourself you have a choice of what kind […]

DeWalt Logo

DeWALT 40 volt Max Combo

In the world of lithium-powered tools, there are many manufacturers who have developed their versions of great lawn equipment to handle any landscaping functions. We are here to showcase one of the respected manufacturers around. The DeWALT 40 volt Max Combo represents its maker very well. Below we will cover the three pieces of equipment that are […]

Lithium Pole Tree Pruner

Lithium Pole Tree Pruners

If you have a few trees on your property that you like to keep pruned and looking good you will find the need for pole tree pruners. There is a few kind of pruners that you can use but I want to talk about why lithium pole tree pruners will probably be the most logical type […]

Why Use A Robot Lawnmower

Why Use A Robot Lawnmower?

Robot lawnmowers have not peaked the interest of many homeowners quite yet. Maybe because for some it is unheard of and for others a waste of money. There are some advantages to having a robot lawnmower and there are some reasons why you shouldn’t. But in this post, I will answer the big question of […]