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Today’s Lithium Lawn Equipment Is Awesome

Many people are stuck in the middle when determining which is better gas or lithium powered lawn equipment. Well, that is understandable since we are accustomed to using gas-powered equipment for our lawns. But since the corded equipment seemed to be kind of tedious to use but a great way to be eco-friendly, the lithium […]


Power Behind Lithium Lawn Equipment

More people are finding out just how effective lithium powered lawn equipment is when using it to do their lawns. In this post, we will speak on why there is some¬†power behind lithium lawn equipment. Because people have always thought that gas-powered equipment was more effective, they shied away from the battery powered¬†equipment. What Makes […]


Lithium Powered Equipment Is On The Rise

With today’s lawn equipment we have various options we can use to power our equipment. For years there was gas powered equipment which was all everybody would use. Then corded equipment came but did not deliver the power. Now lithium batteries have and lithium powered equipment is on the rise. Have You Noticed It? Everywhere […]