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Why Use A Robot Lawnmower

Why Use A Robot Lawnmower?

Robot lawnmowers have not peaked the interest of many homeowners quite yet. Maybe because for some it is unheard of and for others a waste of money. There are some advantages to having a robot lawnmower and there are some reasons why you shouldn’t. But in this post, I will answer the big question of […]

Ego Mower Storage

Ego Lawnmowers Are A Good Choice

Many homeowners are starting to lean towards electric lawnmowers. Many have seen and used the corded lawnmowers and pretty much liked them. Well, there is a new sheriff in town and it is the lithium powered mowers. In this post, I will speak on why I think Ego lawnmowers are a good choice and are the […]


Ego Cordless Blower Review

There are a few varieties of electric blowers that are available. This a review on a few blowers that are manufactured by the Ego Power+ company. In this review,  you will learn about each one and what they can do. Company: Ego Power+ Equipment:  Best Buy: Amazon & Lithium Power Plus Price: Varies depending on […]