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The Best Thing About Lithium Lawnmowers

The Best Thing About Lithium Lawnmowers

Mowing your lawn is a chore that has to be done and there is no way around it if you want your property to look its best. You either will do it yourself or hire someone to take care of it for you. If you do it yourself you have a choice of what kind […]

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DeWALT 40 volt Max Combo

In the world of lithium-powered tools, there are many manufacturers who have developed their versions of great lawn equipment to handle any landscaping functions. We are here to showcase one of the respected manufacturers around. The DeWALT 40 volt Max Combo represents its maker very well. Below we will cover the three pieces of equipment that are […]

Lithium Pole Tree Pruner

Lithium Pole Tree Pruners

If you have a few trees on your property that you like to keep pruned and looking good you will find the need for pole tree pruners. There is a few kind of pruners that you can use but I want to talk about why lithium pole tree pruners will probably be the most logical type […]

Why Use A Robot Lawnmower

Why Use A Robot Lawnmower?

Robot lawnmowers have not peaked the interest of many homeowners quite yet. Maybe because for some it is unheard of and for others a waste of money. There are some advantages to having a robot lawnmower and there are some reasons why you shouldn’t. But in this post, I will answer the big question of […]

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Ego Lawnmowers Are A Good Choice

Many homeowners are starting to lean towards electric lawnmowers. Many have seen and used the corded lawnmowers and pretty much liked them. Well, there is a new sheriff in town and it is the lithium powered mowers. In this post, I will speak on why I think Ego lawnmowers are a good choice and are the […]


Ego Cordless Blower Review

There are a few varieties of electric blowers that are available. This a review on a few blowers that are manufactured by the Ego Power+ company. In this review,  you will learn about each one and what they can do. Company: Ego Power+ Equipment:  Best Buy: Amazon & Lithium Power Plus Price: Varies depending on […]

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What I Think About Lithium Powered Tools

You might have seen some of my articles on various lithium powered lawn equipment. I showcase these items because I think that they are an improvement on how we perform a task that needs power tools. I try to be fair about whether they are useful or not which make me tell what I think […]


Dare To Go Lithium

With every type of tool or equipment, there is a way to power the motors that they have. We have gas or electric sources in which these products utilize to allow you to get your task done. As far as getting a task done with either one, your work is accomplishable. But for the homeowner, […]


Installing A Robot Lawnmower

When you purchase a robot lawnmower you have to set it up for operation. Some people might shy away from the product because of this. You can either install it yourself or pay someone to install it for you. In this post, I aim to show that installing a robot lawnmower isn’t anything you need […]


Eco Friendly Home Plan

Ever thought about doing your part for the environment? There are a lot of ways we can contribute right where we reside. If you are recycling paper, plastics or cans you are in on it already. This post will focus on an eco-friendly home plan. Another Recycling Plan If you are not already aware of […]