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Kobalt Lithium Mower

Kobalt 80v Lithium Mower

    VIEW KOBALT 80V Homeowners should now be aware that lithium powered lawnmowers have earned the right to be known as great working lawnmowers. All of these lawnmowers are designed to handle up to one acre of a lawn. This is ensured by having two batteries to eliminate interruption. The Kobalt 80v lithium mower comes […]

Every Reason To Use Lithium Mowers

Reasons To Use A Lithium Lawnmower

If you mow your own lawn, there is a chance you might be in the percentage of people who only used gas mowers to get the job done. While gas mowers do just well, Lithium-powered lawnmowers can be just as effective with a few advantages depending on if some of its features can be a […]

Ego Power Plus Snow Blower

Lithium Snow Blower Review

When it comes to snow cleanup we want to get it over with quickly.  This lithium snow blower review will tell you how and what is available to remove snow from sidewalks & driveways quickly and efficiently.  We included videos of some snow blowers to give you a better perspective on the products included in this […]

Lithium Powered Hedging

My Experience With Lithium Lawn Equipment

As a person who promotes lithium lawn equipment, I felt that I should share the experience I had this weekend while working. I give a lot of advice on why I think you should love lithium powered equipment so I thought my experience with one of the tools would help me give more reasons to […]