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About Robotic Lawnmowers

Robotic Lawnmowers are becoming popular for homeowners who want to keep their lawns maintained on a regular basis without having to physically maintain them themselves. These robot lawnmowers are very innovative and are extremely user-friendly and maintainable as your standard gas mower without the emissions. Making them very Eco-friendly.

Each mower will have different features varying on the manufacturer & model But they all will perform a good cutting job on your lawn. I will go briefly into how and why these robot lawnmowers will be a great piece of equipment to consider in this article.

Setting Up The Lawnmower            
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The robot lawnmower will need to be set up for operation. You might have to buy the set up separately for some models. They usually run about $100.00 but is essential in the operation of the mower to establish the cutting boundaries. This will normally take 2 to 5 hours to accomplish depending on the size and complexity of your lawn.

The kit consists of loop wire in which you lay out for the mowers cutting area. You can bury them if you choose but only about 1 to 4 inches deep. They can also just be laid out and the grass will soon cover them. But if you do it this way, keep the grass cut as short as possible where they are laid out.

If you feel you don’t want to DIY there are dealers you can contact to install it for you. But at the same time, it is not so complex that you can’t do it yourself.

They all are programmable and will also be different in respect to the manufacturer and model. They are equipped with smart technology which makes it perform its task with precision. You can communicate with your robot lawnmower via SMS or I-Phone app depending on the model. This is a very advanced feature that is awesome.

The mower also has the ability to detect when the battery is low on charge and will return itself to the base station that comes with it, and recharge itself without your assistance. Charging times and run times will depend on the manufacturer and model as well. At the end of this article is a video on installation which will inform you just how awesome these mowers are.

Security From Theft

The system provides your means of security for your robot lawnmower. There is a PIN number which functions in a couple of ways. One way is that when the mower is shut down, you must enter a PIN number ar an alarm will go off. The other is that there is an installation lock that without the PIN, The mower won’t work on any other installation loop. If it is picked up without turning it off it will also sound the alarm.

System Operation         
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Getting your robot lawnmower going is not hard at all. They are a push button on and off type of start up and shut down control. Then you just let it do its thing on your lawn. They can be equipped with a GPS system that helps with the navigation of the system and for theft tracking as well.

The smart technology also allows the mower to recognize when it bumps into something. These bump sensors will alert the mower and it will back up and take another direction. The mower can work day or night and will work in rainy or hot conditions up to 113 degrees varying on the manufacturer and model. It is recommended to bring them inside in extreme weather.

They also work on uneven ground surfaces and can handle narrow passages. It will depend on the manufacturer and model for what degree of an incline the mower can handle.

Because these robot mowers use random cut patterns, rather than straight up and down or across, this makes for less uncut grass and better mulching for your lawn. Because of this, they have been known to produce a more carpet-like lawn.

A Robot Will Always Need A Human

We as the owner of a robot has some responsibility as well. We will be responsible for keeping the cutting field free of debris. This means keeping all toys, clothing, rocks, etc. out the way for smooth operation. Natural things like pine cones and sticks can dull the blades faster than normal.

Because the mower cannot get into precise spots like edges and flower beds, we will have to do a little weed-eating to compliment the robot mowers efforts.

It is also our responsibility to keep children and pets from tinkering with it because it is that possibility of causing physical harm by cutting the flesh. That is something any mower is capable of. However, if it runs into something it will back up and go the other way because of its bump sensors. But better safe than sorry!

Servicing The Robot Mower    
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Like any other equipment servicing the mower consist periodic cleaning underneath it by removing built-up clippings from the blade area and wheels as well.

Maintaining your battery and blades are an obvious maintenance with any power type of equipment. The life of a battery is between 2 to 4 seasons and the blades last 1 to 2 months for every .25 acres (10890 sq. ft.) of mowing area. This too will vary with the manufacturer and model of the robot mower.

The maintenance on this mower is not at all complicated. But if you are not the maintenance type, you can always use a local service center if you would rather not get into the mechanical side of your equipment. It would be much like getting your gas lawn mower serviced. But as you will see in the video it is too easy.

Thank you for visiting us and if you decide to give this great device a whirl, feel free to look into Lithium Power Plus for this and other lithium powered equipment which is located on this website on the home page banner.