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Dare To Go Lithium

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With every type of tool or equipment, there is a way to power the motors that they have. We have gas or electric sources in which these products utilize to allow you to get your task done. As far as getting a task done with either one, your work is accomplishable. But for the homeowner, I will dare you to go lithium. And you will see why in this post.

Why Is The Homeowner Being Dared?


There are some key reasons why a homeowner should not have a problem with using the lithium powered equipment that is available. A lot of people have already made the change to go with electric to avoid using gas with the earlier corded electric equipment.

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Let’s start off saying that if you use corded equipment think about how much of a hassle it is to drag the cord along while doing your chore.

You have done the environment a favor by not using gas but you made your job a little bit tedious having to drag the cord from spot to spot and in some cases changing power outlets. That is not including the safety considerations such as tripping over the cord or even cutting through it and risking the chance of shock.

If you are still using gas equipment, think about having to run to get gas, oil and the servicing cost of the equipment that you are using.

Then throw in the fact that sometimes when you are ready to do your task and you pull the cord to start the equipment and it just will not start. Isn’t that aggravating?

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If you use lithium powered equipment all of these things are a thing of the past and you can efficiently get your task done without any of the aforementioned problems that come with corded or gas. So why not make the change?

No Work Compromised With Lithium Powered Equipment

When you are using lithium powered equipment you are not going to lose the power that you were getting with your corded or gas equipment. A lot of people think that because there is a battery involved they won’t have the power for their particular task.

Lithium batteries are different than ni-cad batteries because of the fact that the power of lithium batteries remains constant as the charge is depleted as with ni-cad the power fades proportionally to the discharge of the battery. So because of this, you will get the constant power you need while completing your task.

Some of the lithium powered equipment you buy has the option of two batteries and they are usually interchangeable with all the types of equipment from that manufacturer you purchased.

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Lithium Equipment Is Perfect For The Homeowner

I cannot stress the fact that using lithium equipment for your personal home use is the ideal situation for the person who will be doing a certain task like lawn work, removing snow or trimming bushes.

Because they have batteries that have to be charged between usages, they are a better fit for homeowners over commercial use.  You can charge them separately from the unit and the average size home can be done on one battery charge. To charge a battery takes anywhere between 3 to 4 hours and it haves a lifespan of 2 to 3 years.

One thing that some people are not aware of is that this equipment is extremely light which makes it very easy to maneuver. For the elderly people who still get out and do their lawns, this equipment will be easy on the body while using.

Over time manufacturers have made lithium, powered tools and equipment very competitive against there cousins the gas powered equipment. One of the best manufacturers in the business is the Ego Power Plus Company. Their lawnmowers have stood up toe to toe with gas equipment in every fashion.

This makes lithium powered equipment a great choice for the homeowner but not a great choice for commercial use since it would require long runtime during a business day.

Below is a video that gives you some visual insight into using a lithium powered lawnmower. And this is years before the new upgraded models of today.


Lithium powered equipment has evolved to be a top contender with gas equipment when it comes to home use. They can hold up to the average size home on one charge. They perform just as strong as gas equipment so you still get quality results as well.

So with this being said, I will dare anyone to go to lithium and once you experience how effective this equipment is you will see there is a new and improved way to do your chores around your home.

Thanks for visiting and if you have any questions, comments or personal experiences using lithium equipment please share in the comments section below.




    1. Rick says:

      I had an electronic mower and weed eater in the past but the batteries always died before I finished my yard. I’m going to assume that the new mowers are better but do the batteries last longer these days and how big of a yard could you mow on one battery?

      • Yes, technology has definitely improved the equipment. That is the number 1 question I run into. Everyone wants to know how long they will run. It depends on the Ah of the battery you have. The Ego mowers at 56 volts with a 5.0 Ah battery can run up to 45 minutes.

        So if you take longer than 45 to do your yard you can get a second battery to complete your total yard because it should not take you that long to do your yard and if it does you need a riding mower. Refer to this link to get a better idea.

    2. Marika says:

      Thank you for the really detailed description of why to choose an electric mower. Now I have learned a lot about lithium powered equipment that I did not know before.
      I have actually, accidentally, cut through the cord once. I am really happy the residual-current circuit breaker was invented! *lol*

      • Lol. That had to scare you a little. Well, that is why the industry worked at making something to take away the cord. They did a pretty good job with lithium-powered equipment. The equipment is mainly for personal residential use at this time because of the runtime the equipment has. But it will get the job done for you.

    3. Will says:

      I actually have a lithium mower and I’ll never go back to gas! Way easier to maintain and still does a great job. Thanks so much for the informative article!

      • Thank you for sharing your experience using the product. There are a lot of people who feel that lithium lawnmowers cannot get the job done. So it is good to have someone who has used the equipment to confirm it.

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