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In the world of lithium-powered tools, there are many manufacturers who have developed their versions of great lawn equipment to handle any landscaping functions. We are here to showcase one of the respected manufacturers around. The DeWALT 40 volt Max Combo represents its maker very well. Below we will cover the three pieces of equipment that are the most commonly used.


The Mower
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DeWalt built this mower as a 40-volt brushless mower with 3 in 1 mulching, bagging & rear discharge capabilities. As with all lithium mowers, it is extremely lightweight and runs way quieter than its gas counterpart. It uses a 6Ah battery to power it.

The cutting deck is 20 inches in diameter and you can adjust it easily with the one lever height adjuster. Your range of adjustment is 1.5 to 3.4 inches. This covers every grass types recommended cut height.

To store this equipment is easy as well. It has folding handles with a lift handle to make it easy to place in any space. The runtime with this mower is said to be a quarter acre on one charge. That is sufficient enough time to do any lawn.

The Cost of this mower is $399.99. A slight bit lower than other lithium mowers.

The String Trimmer
DeWalt String Trimmer
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The trimmer is made to accommodate you comfortably while trimming up your lawn. It has a 17-inch cutting swatch along with a high-efficiency brushless motor.

The motor has a high and a low-speed switch but still is trigger controlled so that you can variably control how much power is distributed. It is 40-volts with a 9Ah battery.

The trimmer is made to accommodate the .95 inch trimming line, however, .80 trimming line is compatible if that is the size you desire the most.

Because it is very lightweight you will enjoy losing the strain that comes with the heavier gas models. Especially if you have a whole lot of trimming to do in a course of working.

The price of this trimmer varies depending on if you want the battery with it or not. Some people may have batteries and just want the trimmer. Every tool by DeWALT can use the same 40-volt battery in this tool army.

The cost is $369.99 w /the battery & $249.99 w/o the battery.

The Blower
DeWalt Blower
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After a good cut and trim, there is always a need for cleanup. The blower’s power comes from a 40-volt 4Ah battery. You have your choice of increasing the battery Ah upon purchasing.

Power is a thing you really don’t have to worry about with this blower. It has an airspeed of 120 mph and air volume of 400 CFM (cubic ft. per minute). This is controlled by a variable trigger that allows you to apply as much power as you want.

This unit is also very quiet ranging in the sound of less than 65 dB (decibels). For your comfort, it has a comfort grip style handle.

The runtime of this one is said to go for 20 minutes at constant full power. But who goes full power all the way through. One person reviewed it saying that at a reasonable moderate speed he ran for 30 to 40 minutes.

The price of this one varies as well. It is $249.00 w/ the battery & 149.99 w/o the battery.

Below is a video to let you hear what a professional landscaper had to say about his equipment. So if you are using it for your personal use you will see you won’t have any issues.


All pieces of this equipment are part of the 40-volt Max outdoor power group. There are also other types of equipment that you can purchase from DeWALT.  The battery is interchangeable with the equipment. The great thing is that you will have some great advantages.

Advantages Of Lithium Equipment
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So consider using lithium tools in your lawn maintenance force and feel the difference. This one of many ways you can be eco-friendly. These products are available here in our online store. Just go to the main menu where it says Lithium Power Plus to access or Click Here.

We thank you for stopping in and we welcome all feedback. So leave any questions or comments in the comments section below.

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