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Eco Friendly Home Plan

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Ever thought about doing your part for the environment? There are a lot of ways we can contribute right where we reside. If you are recycling paper, plastics or cans you are in on it already. This post will focus on an eco-friendly home plan.

Another Recycling Plan

If you are not already aware of the fact that when we are cooking, opening junk mail and throwing away food scraps, we are passing up one way to be eco-friendly. These things all can be added to a compost pile for later use.

Why not recycle these items creating our own compost for when we need it. I am not an organic compost making expert so I have provided the video below for informational reasons.

As we all know our lawns and gardens can use compost. When we send our trash out to large dumping fields we are not helping the ecosystem at all.

To be able to make your own compost you will need a compost bin. If you are not sure about obtaining a compost bin you can Click Here to see one of the ones that Amazon has to offer.

If you are a do it your self-type person you can buy a big trash can and do some work on it to make it usable. I myself would rather have one designed for storing compost for better results. Look at the video below.

Other Ways To Be Eco-Friendly

We also can help by using less energy such as purchasing the proper bulbs. Another way is water consumption. When we buy all this bottled water we have to consider the plastics that are being used. Consider water filters instead.

Using a cloth and canvas bag over a paper and plastic bag is another way. This is in reference to bags that are used in grocery stores. Some people actually take their own bags to the grocery store to keep from using paper or plastic bags.

Doing Yard Maintenance

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Technology has provided us a means of being eco-friendly as well. There is much improved cordless lawn equipment we can switch to that will allow us to maintain our lawns. This equipment is perfect for home use because you usually are not running extremely long times just doing things around your home.

Using this type of equipment cuts down on gas when you consider gas-powered equipment, electricity when you consider corded equipment, and the noise factor is just another good thing lithium powered equipment provides.

Every piece of lawn equipment you use can be purchased in a lithium-powered model and most of them you can use the same battery with other tools if they are from the same manufacturer. To view tools available to help you be eco-friendly while doing lawn work visit Lithium Power Plus by Clicking Here.

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There are many things we can do to help out the environment and I thought I would just touch on a few. A lot of times there are ways we can help just by changing how we do things around the house.

If there is something that you are doing that you want to share please leave it in the comments section below. Others would love to hear about ways that may help them to be eco-friendly daily.

Thanks for visiting and we welcome any comments or questions.



    1. Oscar says:

      Thanks for talking about this great topic.

      I have tried to implement a few ways to be more eco-friendly at my home. It is definitely worth it and I feel better each time I contribute to a healthier environment.

      I love composting! Have done it for a few years. Started out as a newbie and only read lots of information about it, also YouTube videos. I am also doing organic gardening, and thats great way to incorporate your compost immediately back into the soil.

      Sad thing is that in my country there is still so little interest in eco-friendliness. There are few programs, especially in semi urban areas, where I live. Sometimes I feel I only contribute a small part and it seems like nothing. However, I try to get other folks, friends and family to follow my example, and I have achieved some things already. Its a matter of time and hopefully things will change for the better.

      Thanks for such a great article,

      • You are welcome but what you are doing is a greatly appreciated step. There are not a lot of people who are doing their part but over time it will become more natural for them to do something even if it is adding a water filter as someone else mentioned. If we had a million people doing a small thing it adds up to one big thing. So keep on doing what you are doing. I for one appreciate it.

    2. Gosia says:

      I believe small things matter. I have decided to buy a water filter some time ago to stop buying the bottled water. It’s a filter built in the kitchen water tap. I am very happy with the purchase.
      I always buy Eco-friendly dish soap and other detergents.
      There’s always something we can do for the environment.
      Thanks for such an educational article.

      • You are welcome and I thank you for your participation in making things better for our earth. And you are right it is something everyone can do. It doesn’t have to be an extreme method at all. Everyone doing something will make an impact together.

    3. Sergio says:

      Nice article, I think more people should be aware of what they’re doing (the harm they’re doing in particular) to the ecosystem. I’m actually doing a course on making the world a better place right now, and just today I learned something interesting.

      In your household you use approximately 120 liters of water a day (showers, toilet, washing etc.). But did you know that just ONE hamburger takes 3.000 liters to produce? I’m a huge meat lover, but because of this I decided to have at least one vegetarian day a week. If everyone would do this, it would save us a lot of water. Also, shortening shower time is beneficial as well.

      What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it’s too extreme to cut out meat to save water?

      • Not at all. I do believe that no matter what a person does to help the environment is one step better than nothing. So if one person stops eating meat, another lessens his shower time, another makes compost to help and another recycles, then that is more steps than one trying to help out. The more the bigger the results. Thank you for your efforts.

    4. Darren says:

      This is a great article and website to help get the message out their and educate people.

      I myself run an eco friendly company in the UK providing eco friendly insulating and protective coatings that would cut heat loss and energy consumption for consumers.

      The biggest challenge is educating people as they don’t like change or are too lazy.

      Your idea of making your own compost container is so easy and not only is it putting plant waste to use you are also creating a little eco system in your garden!

      • Thank you, Darren. I know a lot of people get stuck in the way they do things and don’t even bother to check out what is available to them these days. I try to let them get a chance to see just how they can benefit from lithium-powered lawn equipment. If they are provided the information they can make a sound decision whether or not they should change over. I wish you success on your end.

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