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Ego Cordless Blower Review

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There are a few varieties of electric blowers that are available. This a review on a few blowers that are manufactured by the Ego Power+ company. In this review,  you will learn about each one and what they can do.


Ego Power+


480 CFM 3-Speed Turbo 56-volt Blower
530 CFM 3-Speed Turbo 56-volt Blower
575 CFM 3-Speed Turbo 56-volt Blower

Best Buy:

Amazon & Lithium Power Plus

Price: Varies depending on if the unit comes with the battery pack and/or the amperage of the battery.

The Effectiveness Of The Equipment

All three of the blowers are manufactured by the leader in power when it comes to lithium powered equipment. They are designed to run for up to an hour giving you enough time to do your personal property.

What Is CFM?

CFM is the abbreviation for cubic feet per minute. What it describes is the velocity in which the wind is being pushed from your blower device. When it comes to blowers, some models have a larger CFM than others and it lets you know the power of a blower you may be considering buying.

The CFM does not tell you how long a blower will operate before the battery discharges. I just wanted to make that clear so you won’t buy one with false expectations.

480 CFM 3-Speed Turbo 56-volt Model
Ego 480 CFM Blower
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This is the smallest CFM rating of the three blowers. Its maximum wind velocity is 480 CFM but has a variable setting allowing you to go from 250 to 480 CFM. It is powered by a lithium battery and a brushless motor that delivers power until the battery is depleted.

This unit is lightweight weighing in at 5.1 pounds. To purchase this model you can buy it without the battery pack for $99.99. If you have any other Ego equipment the battery should be interchangeable. There is an option of battery packs that you can choose from upon purchase as well.

A 2.0 Ah battery kit can be added and it will come with the blower for $190.00. This will give you an hour of runtime on the low setting. And remember it can be used with other Ego lithium tools you may have.

A 2.5 Ah battery kit can also be added to the blower for $242.70. This will give you an additional 15 minutes of runtime if you think one hour is not going to do it for you.

530 CFM 3-Speed Turbo 56-volt Model 
Ego 530 CFM Blower
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This unit will give you a little more velocity from the shoot of the blower. As with the other Ego blowers, this is built with weather-resistant construction for a long lifespan of the equipment.

It does come with a 2.5Ah battery kit so there won’t be a need to purchase a battery unless you want two batteries to run multiple pieces of equipment. The cost for this total unit is $239.00. There really is not much difference between the two except for the CFM rating.

There is a slight design difference probably because the turbine is a little larger to give you that added wind velocity. And it weighs 8 pounds which is slightly heavier than the 430 CFM model.

575 CFM 3-Speed Turbo 56-volt Model
Ego 575 CFM Blower
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This model is the granddaddy of the three. It packs a velocity punch ranging from 260 – 575 CFM that will move some objects around the yard with ease hitting around 142 MPH of wind gust. This model is said to do better than premium gas models but just can’t run as long as a gas blower.

This blower has extras thrown in with it because it is their premium model. The battery pack that comes with it is a 5.0 Ah battery all for the cost of $425.78. You will also receive a shoulder strap and a nozzle attachment. I don’t have an actual weight for this model but because it comes with a shoulder strap it is most likely heavier than the other two models.

Also, on this one, the controls are a little more simplified for comfort while controlling the air flow.

I will say this about this model, I saw when blowing at maximum capacity it does not run as long as the 530 CFM with the same 5 Ah battery. This is because the wind turbine is expending more energy from the battery by blowing 45 CFM’s more.

Check Out This Video Before You Buy One Of These Blowers!

My Perspective Of The Products

The Ego Power+ company has made quite a name for itself through youtube and Amazon customer reviews. It is also deemed the company that makes equipment that supplies power beyond belief. This puts it in great standings against gas powered equipment.

All three of these blowers will be capable of totally satisfying any homeowner that owns one. It will save you money over time because there will not be any servicing fees. The equipment also will be much quieter to use while providing the same results.

I will recommend this to all homeowners who will only be doing their own property. This is because this lithium equipment has a runtime of about an hour or so depending on which model you purchase. So make a change to lithium powered equipment and witness the power of Ego equipment.

Thanks for visiting and I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below.

  1. Hammer11B says:

    I have never had a cordless blower before. I have always used corded electric models as I was worried about power and battery life on the cordless ones. Your post has changed my opinion a great deal. I can definitely see that they are just as powerful. Do you know how much runtime you can get on a single charge? And would you recommend having multiple batteries for a large property application?

    • Good questions. The runtime will depend on the Ah of your battery. Most equipment has different variations of batteries you can use. The usage time can vary from 45 minutes to a little over 1 hour accordingly. If you have an above average size yard it probably would not hurt to get two batteries so you can always have one on standby in case you need it. But keep in mind that most yards can be done well under 1 hour.

      In your case, you can get rid of the hassle of dragging a cord along with you while you work.

  2. Tammy says:

    This looks like a really great blower and so much better than using a gas powered one. I appreciate your great review and all of the information you’ve provided, Thank you!

  3. Shelli Thomas says:

    Thank you for giving us all this information. It really sounds like a good one for our own property, here in Montana. I love just coming to your site for one-stop shopping, instead of having to do all of the research on these types of things myself!

    • You are welcome. I will continue to give information on various equipment for everyone’s information. I hope you will find something I showcase of use to you. Thank you for visiting.

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