Lithium Mowers | Ego Power + Mower Review

Ego Power + Mower Review

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Product: Ego Power + Mower  Cut Capacity: 20 inches

Run Time: 45 minutes  Charge Time: 30 minutes

Cheapest Purchase: Amazon  Ranking: 10 out of 10

Charger Kit: Included  Price: $449.00

The Ego Power Mower Attributes

When we are talking cutting our lawns we want to use the best equipment for best results. Now we can add eco-friendly along with good results with the Ego Power + Mower. This mower produces all you need with ease of performing all the task that a mower has to offer. In this review, you will find out what this mower can do.

Let’s talk simplicity…

The Ego Power + Mower is a strong mower in spite of it using a battery for its power source. It cuts just as well as its gas-powered counterpart but with no emissions. Not only that, it starts much easier with its push-button start feature.

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It is also much lighter and quieter than the traditional gas mower which is pleasing to know. To adjust the cut height is much easier because it adjusts with the move of one lever that raises and lowers the cut base all at once, unlike most gas mowers which are adjusted by each wheel at a time.

While cutting your lawn you can use the rear bagger, side dispense door or simply mulch as you cut. There is nothing that your traditional mower can do that this one can’t except polluting the air.

The Power Source

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For power, this mower uses a 56 volt 4.0 Ah Lithium-ion battery is used that is capable of charging in 30 minutes. It will cut a pretty good size yard and not drain the battery all the way out. It does have an indicator light to alarm you when the battery is low and needs to be recharged.

But to drain the battery completely out it will have to be a tremendous size lawn because you can mow around 45 minutes on one charge.

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The unit will fold easily and can be left in the flat position or you can stand it upright if you need to conserve storage space. Because of its lightweight, you can maneuver it around with ease.


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I give the Ego Power + Mower a fat 10 because of all of its great features ranging from eco-friendly benefits to its overall performance and operational simplicity. But don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at the video below to see yourself how this mower performs and pick one up for yourself by clicking right here for cost and to order Enjoy.

    1. Maurice Jackson says:

      I have been following your site for awhile now. And I thought you covered it all with your last review on a self-cutting robotic lawnmower. It was emission free, powered by a lithium battery. It was quite expensive though. Even though you did not mention the price of the ego mower I no it is far less than the what the robot mower cost. Also, I can see from your review that it does a couple of things that the robotic mower doesn’t. I like the ego mower based on the reviews you gave for them both.

      • Thank you. It is quite less expensive than the robotic mowers. It has a cost of$449.00 but is worth every penny. You save on buying gas and the maintenance on it is cheaper than your traditional gas powered mower. Plus the main thing is that it is eco-friendly.

    2. Furkan says:

      I love the fact that it is quiet, I sleep at very different hours so my family needs a quite mower and my mom also wanted it to be light. I will suggest it to my parents and after we will probably have more questions.

    3. Danish says:

      What a great looking website with great content. I enjoyed the detailed breakdown of the mower and very useful information on the main attributes of the product and where it can be purchased. Thanks for this article. Keep up the great work.

      • Thank you. I hoped that my site would be an enjoyable visit for all. That is what makes it all worth it. I am glad I provided with useful information most of all.

    4. JR Andrade says:

      Hi, Ronnie. thanks for this review. It has been quite a while since I mowed a lawn. I remember when I was a young boy with my dad and we were using a manual lawn mower. It is interesting to see that advancement in technology =) I’ll definitely share this with my father as he will for sure be ecstatic learning about this. Thanks, Ronnie. Very timely =)

      • You are very welcome. I love this item and I am convinced that anyone who purchases one will love it too. By all means, let your dad in on it because there are a lot of people who are not aware of this type of mower can do.

    5. Andrei says:

      Thanks for the review. I was looking for a new lawnmower and I think that this one is quite great. I like both the design and the price. Can’t wait for the paycheck in order to get one!

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