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Kobalt 80v Lithium Mower

Kobalt Lithium Mower
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Homeowners should now be aware that lithium powered lawnmowers have earned the right to be known as great working lawnmowers. All of these lawnmowers are designed to handle up to one acre of a lawn. This is ensured by having two batteries to eliminate interruption. The Kobalt 80v lithium mower comes with just that, two batteries.

The Typical Lithium Mower   

 The Kobalt 80v mower is just like any other lithium powered lawnmower. It offers the ease of using without the hassle of gasoline, motor oil, no pull start, no heaviness while maneuvering all while cutting well. All of these should be welcomed features when it comes to mowing your lawn.

The Kobalt 80v mower does come with (2) 2Ah batteries & charger as I mentioned earlier to make sure you have enough power to cover that 1 acre if your lawn is that large. Most average size homes don’t even have an acre.

kobalt 80v Battery Charger
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Other Features

The brushless motor is for extended life and the pushbutton start will ensure that it will roll out when you command it to. The battery is easily removed and installed as well.

The cutting characteristics of the mower is a 7 position wheel adjustment & offer a 3 in 1 option way to cut. You can mulch, bag or side discharge. This is something that makes it different than some of the others. If storage is a concern of yours it folds up and can be stored vertically for space saving & compact transportation.

The cost of the mower with the two batteries and the charger is $326.99 which is comparatively fair considering the cost of its competition.

Compared To All The Others

If you have any knowledge of lithium lawnmowers you should have noticed that all the features of the Kobalt 80v mower are pretty much the same as your average lithium powered lawnmower. In my opinion, they all are great lawnmowers.

Some say that one is better than the other. I will say that some may run quieter, portray more power or are self-propelled but either way, they all are capable of getting the job done.

Snapper Lithium Mower
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If you do your lawn on a regular basis you should have no problem with either one. From that point, it is purchasers choice. Some prefer certain brands, some might like self-propelled, which the mower is so light it is not needed and my question is how much will the self propel option drain the battery?

But I will say this if you already have lithium lawn equipment, your brand usually will make the battery compatible with other equipment of the same brand in most cases. So definitely consider that when you are purchasing.

My Research Findings

I have done some research and I found some rating list in which the Kobalt 80v mower was on one of the lists in the #2 spot while it did not make it on the second list. Keep in mind people have their own opinion on different models.

The list that it was on had the Black & Decker, Ryobi, Sun Joe, Stihl & Neutron models.  The Ego Power Plus brand ranked #1 on both lists. From all my research over the last year, the Ego brand is considered the Big Daddy of lithium equipment perfecting the power of the equipment and the durability of its battery.  I guess the overall rankings gives it that right to own the name.

The other list I am partial to because I have seen many good reviews on the Greenworks models as well as the Ego brand. Kobalt did not make this list but it doesn’t mean it can’t perform just as well as all of them on both lists in my opinion.

Below is the list in which Kobalt didn’t make so you can check out the information on some of the other lawnmowers for your own personal comparison. Just click to view each one and compare the features yourself. They are in the order they ranked from #1 to #10.

Ego Power Plus
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Worx WG782
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              #1 VIEW INFO                                       #2 VIEW INFO                                                       

VonHaus 40v Max
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Greenworks 16 inch 40v
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                #3 VIEW INFO                                     #4 VIEW INFO

Greenworks 19 inch 40v G-Max
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Greenworks Pro 21 80v
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                 #5 VIEW INFO                                         #6 VIEW INFO                                                       

Greenworks 16 inch 40v and Trimmer
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SunJoe 40v 16 inch
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                    #7 VIEW INFO                                          #8 VIEW INFO       

Snapper XD 82v 21 inch
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Worx 40v 4Ah
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                   #9 VIEW INFO                                          #10 VIEW INFO  


If you viewed them you can see that the differences range from how many batteries are with the unit or if they came with a battery at all, if they were self-propelled, if they were 3 in 1  mulching capable, the different voltage of the batteries and so forth. I wanted to point that out because everybody has their preference of what type of lawnmower they desire. But as far as getting the job done they all are capable of giving you the power you want to maintain your lawn. 

Now I will say that if you let your lawn get extremely tall then you might notice one mower might cut better than the other. But you would be maintaining your lawn wrong if you let it get that tall. Everyone knows you should regularly cut your lawn at least every 7 to 10 days and no less than two weeks. 

As with all my post I like to give people something to view. This particular video really shows what I said about the difference of opinions but really lets you get a feel of what I meant about they all will get the job done. So take the time to dig a little deeper. 



I hope that this information gave you more insight into choosing a lithium lawnmower for your personal use. The Kobalt 80v lithium mower is a good mower to own. It ranks right up there with all of them on the list above but on another list which again is of a different opinion. The only one that really stands out of both of these lists is the Ego Power Plus which seems to rank #1 on just about every list I see. 

Greenworks vs Kobalt
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But as I said they all are designed to be an asset to the average size homes and their owners & renters. They are designed to be more economical, lighter in weight & more environmentally friendly. I like the concept and they work well. 


Thank you for visiting and if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below. I will respond to you within 24hrs. 

    1. Roberta B Vasgar says:

      We have had our Kobalt mower about 5 yrs.. love it… but when I went to start today will not start.. have charged the battery… have 4 batteries.. so changed them out so I would know the battery was charged… give a quiet purr but does not start .. can not find a manual.. any ideas?

      • When it comes to anything electrical, corrosion could be a factor. Much like the battery cables on your car. Below is a link to a video that might help you. It is not the same brand you have but you can bet it is most likely the same concept. Hope this helps.

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