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Lithium Pole Tree Pruners

Lithium Pole Tree Pruner
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If you have a few trees on your property that you like to keep pruned and looking good you will find the need for pole tree pruners. There is a few kind of pruners that you can use but I want to talk about why lithium pole tree pruners will probably be the most logical type to use. In this post, you will understand why. So please keep reading.

Types of Pruners

Pruners are designed to handle certain diameters of branches. Let me cover it briefly. Hand pruners are good for branches that are 1 inch or less.

Looper shears are designed to handle branches that are 2 inches in diameter as well as pole pruners.

Tree Prunning
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Branches that are 3 inches in diameter, the pruning saw is the type of pruner to get the job done while the rope pruner is for branches of 5 inches in diameter. The rope pruner usually will allow you to reach up to 25 feet from the ground.

Chainsaws are chosen when the diameter is 3 inches and up but it is recommended to consult with an Arborist in these conditions.  Click Here for more information on types of pruners.

Why I Think Homeowners Should Use Lithium Pruners

Most homeowners that take the time to prune their own trees can benefit from using a lithium-ion powered pruner for reasons that are pretty obvious when you think about it. The one thing that is a fact is that lithium powered tools are much lighter in weight.

This will make it easier to maneuver and less stress on your body.

The one thing that I feel should be recognized is the servicing aspect of using a lithium-ion pruner. When you think about it when you do use a pruner it is not for extreme periods of time as well as frequent. You probably would only use it a few times a year.

What this means is that you will have a tool that is just sitting up most of the time. If you don’t know, this will cause the gas in your gas-powered pruner to go bad. What this causes is problems with the carburetor. All this is going to do is cause trips to get it serviced when you need to use it.

And if you never found yourself at the mercy of having to replace a carburetor it can be a little pricey depending on what you have.

But if you are using a lithium-powered pruner because it is used sparingly, you do not have to worry about not having enough runtime. Then when you store it when not in use there is no need to worry about the gas going bad eliminating any operating issues or maintenance cost.

So now you have a tool that is easily maintained as well as simple to use. You can view a few of available lithium-pole saws or pruners going to our online store. Click Here or on the logo below.


I always try to weigh out if lithium-powered equipment will be the best choice for the user. My belief is that homeowners will always benefit because it usually doesn’t take long to do the chores around your home. This eliminates the need for gas equipment because of the long run time it provides.

So what you will gain is lighter equipment, less maintenance, no fumes, less noise, helping the environment and easier storage. So give it a try and you will see it will serve you well.

Thank you for visiting with us and if there are any questions as well as comments on the subject we will welcome it in the comments section below.



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