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Lithium Powered Equipment Is On The Rise

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With today’s lawn equipment we have various options we can use to power our equipment. For years there was gas powered equipment which was all everybody would use. Then corded equipment came but did not deliver the power. Now lithium batteries have and lithium powered equipment is on the rise.

Have You Noticed It?
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Everywhere I look I am seeing lithium powered equipment in many places. Just the other day I noticed a small store owner using a lithium powered blower to clean off his lot.

He was handling it like it had no weight at all but the air power was impressive. Being lightweight is one of the great features of lithium-powered equipment in a whole.

Every lithium powered equipment such as lawnmowers, weed eaters, pole saws, bush trimmers, and many other variations of lawn equipment has the same advantage.

This tells me one thing. The equipment is holding its weight when it comes to how it performs on any given task.

Don’t just listen to me, take a look in some stores!

This weekend I went to buy some string for my trimmer at Lowes and low and behold they had an arsenal of lithium-powered lawn equipment on display.

I spoke briefly with a person shopping that was looking at one of the weed eaters she said she had one already and she was wondering how to load the battery on this newer one because she had hers for awhile and it looked different.

She did mention that she loved her’s and that she never had a problem with it as it served her well over the last few years.

Here is what some professionals said about lithium powered equipment in the video below.

Well, you can pretty much believe that the lithium powered equipment has proven that it will do the job for a homeowner who does their lawn themselves. This is why you will see people using them and stores stocking them.


Judging by what I have seen from individuals and places like Home Depot & Lowes, that lithium powered equipment is being noticed and used with satisfaction making it truly on the rise.

And for good reason. The equipment is eco-friendly, lightweight and is much quieter than its counterpart the gas powered equipment. This equipment is great for the homeowner who does his or her own lawn and will do it well.

You can view different types of lithium-powered equipment by clicking here and visiting Lithium Power Plus. 

Thanks for stopping in and feel free to leave your experience with using a lithium powered equipment because I am sure people want to know. Also feel free to leave comments or ask questions in the comments section below.

    1. Lance says:

      Thank you for this review. I have noticed that cordless lawn equipment is becoming more and more popular. Like all new technology I have been hesitant to buy because, in the past, cordless tools have been bulky and cumbersome and lacked the power to complete a task. The newer technology seems to have addressed all of these issues.
      What kind of usage time is being seen with these newer lithium batteries? I realize it is dependant on a few things but say a weed trimmer used on a typical lawn?
      I will definitely be looking into this more.

      • I always tell people if you are doing an average size home you should have no problem completing a task. I do know people who have said they did their whole yard and still had close to 50% power left. So roughly I would say anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour depending on the make of the equipment of course. Some are better than others like with everything. But technology has made these worth using.

    2. Nick Hoyt says:

      Wow, that is pretty impressive that they are so lightweight and still deliver a lot of power. The tools that I’ve been using to take care of my yard have always been the cheap gas powered ones, but it might be time for me to upgrade considering how much the technology has improved.

      Is there any danger if you leave the machines and their batteries in a garage that is not temperature regulated? My garage can get down to about 0 degrees F in the winter, and up to about 100 in the summer.

      • Good question. Lithium batteries do not care for high heat and much prefer a controlled temperature setting. So you figure it would be best to store it inside your home rather than leave it in extreme cold or heat. Also, make sure when you store it to have at least a 40% charge on it because it will leak power while stored. You want to make surer you don’t completely discharge it for a period of time. This can cause it not to recharge properly.

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