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Lithium Snow Blower Review

Ego Power Plus Snow Blower
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When it comes to snow cleanup we want to get it over with quickly.  This lithium snow blower review will tell you how and what is available to remove snow from sidewalks & driveways quickly and efficiently. 

We included videos of some snow blowers to give you a better perspective on the products included in this review. 

The Snow Joe Cordless Snow Blower 

This Snow Joe model is a 40v./5ah unit for $299.99 that is capable of delivering up to 65 minutes of run-time. The good thing about lithium equipment is that they run quietly compared to gas units.

While it weighs around 36.5 lbs it is built to move up to 660 lbs of snow per minute and slings it up to 20 feet.  The width of the unit makes a path that is 21 inches wide and goes down 8 inches in depth.

Just as other competitors, it slings the snow in a direction of 180 degrees side to side.    

The Snow Joe has reviews that come in at 3 1/2 stars and is great for any homeowner who lives in a region that receives snow in the winter months. Watch it in action below.

The Greenworks Snow Blower

This Greenworks model is made to give you a 20-inch path along with a 10-inch clearing depth. It also throws the snow in a 180 degrees side to side direction. 

It is powered by the 80v/2ah battery that delivers 45 minutes of run-time for the cost of $310.00.  

This unit is lightweight as well weighing around 33 lbs and is also great for homeowner use. 

The Greenworks unit received the lower review rating coming in at 3 stars. Below is a great overview of this unit.

The Ego Snow Blower

The Ego brand of lithium equipment is said to be the most powerful of all brands. 

This unit comes with two 56v./5ah batteries for $679.99 which are accompanied by the rapid recharge system that allows you to recharge within 40 minutes. 

 The Ego snow blower will throw snow up to 35 ft. with the same 180 degree side to side area. Its swatch is also 21 inches but has an adjustable depth setting. It weighs more than its competitors at 70 lbs.

It does have the best reviews of the others coming in at 4 1/2 stars. This unit is superior if you are planning on blowing larger or multiple areas. I also included a video on this product to enhance your information on it below.


I hope that I supplied you with enough information to help you determine which snow blower will work for you. I love being able to present you with multiple choices. 

I want to thank you for visiting us and if you have any questions or comments I will do my best to get you the answer you are looking for. Just leave them in the comments section below.  

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