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Make That Change To Lithium

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If the only yard you take care of is yours every year, this means you don’t have a lot of run time on your equipment. This is a good thing in many ways. The wear and tear on your equipment are at a minimal and this means you can explore other options. With this particular scenario, you can actually make that change to lithium powered equipment.

Why Should You?

There are a lot of reasons why you should. For one, you can help the environment by not putting gas pollutants in the air when you are cutting your lawn. This is just a tip of the iceberg as to why using lithium powered equipment can be beneficial to you.

If you like cutting your operating cost, lithium equipment will help you accomplish that. Let us compare how.

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You will lose the yearly servicing on using gas-powered equipment such as paying anywhere from $75.00 and up to make sure your equipment is running properly. If you are like some people who forget to drain the gas before putting it to rest you can cause some other problems as well.

You will also cut some cost of buying gasoline to power your equipment. You have to charge your equipment so there is some electric cost there but it trumps having to smell and get gasoline all over the place while taking care of your lawn. This means no more gas can purchase as well as gas mixtures for your two-cycle engines.

To make a long story short, it is much easier to charge and go than running to get gasoline and hoping when you pull the cord you will be able to start cutting with no delays.

You Will Get The Same Results If You Change

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You probably have thought about it but have some doubts about using the lithium powered equipment. But the only difference between gas and lithium equipment is that gas-powered equipment gives you a longer run time. But as I mentioned earlier if you only do your own lawn then that won’t be an issue.

As far as doing the job, lithium equipment offers the same power as the gas equipment will but just can’t run for really long periods of time.

But as far as cutting your lawn the way you are accustomed to, lithium equipment will prove to be just as good as using the gas equipment.

Other Benefits

There is a lot less wear and tear on your body as well because of the equipment lightweight design. They are also designed to hold better charges than the ni-cad batteries if you ever tried to use those. You also lose the cords if you really wanted to use electric instead of gas.

Grainger who is a major supplier even spoke up on lithium equipment as something that is of benefit.  They spoke on how the designs have made it easier on the users of the equipment.

Below is a video on one of the popular lithium lawnmowers available.


So let us wrap it up. If you do your own lawn and you want to get away from gas equipment, then you should make that change to lithium equipment. You will not regret that you did. You won’t lose anything you were doing except the maintenance and gas runs you were making.

Take a look at Lithium Power Plus that is associated with this site to see some of the options you have. From mowers to blowers you have options. There are even robot mowers you can look into.

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comments section below.

    1. stefanie taylor says:

      Hi there, now I don’t know much about lawnmowers (my dad however is an expert but still uses the old fashioned ones), but one thing that stands out to me the most is the fact that the lithium mowers are so much better for the environment and that’s obviously what we ALL need to be thinking about these days. So thanks for the interesting read and I shall point this out to my dad when he decides to buy a new one.

    2. Deedee says:

      I had never heard of lithium mowers until coming across your site! I’m so glad I did, because this opens a whole new option for me in choosing my new mower. My gas mower isn’t reliable, and I’m ready to upgrade. Also, the wildfires that have been rampant in my area the last few years have me thinking that storing gas on our property isn’t a great idea. You mentioned that lithium mowers have a shorter run time, though, than gas mowers. Do you happen to know about how long they run on average between charges? Thanks so much for this info!

      • If you are doing only your home you should not have any problems unless you have a really large property. If you can wow your lawn in under 45 minutes a 40v lawnmower should work for you. Some products come with two batteries which you can swap out if you fall short in power. But the average size home should not be a problem. I hope that helped.

    3. Kenneth Merrick says:

      I really enjoyed the watching the video you included in your review. I almost bought an electric mower in the beginning of summer this year, but I didn’t know enough about them yet. Your review has educated me enough to know this is definitely the mower in my future.
      I would like to know if these mowers have a self-propelled model? I’m getting close to retirement age so a self-propelled model is a plus for me. Thank you for the information.

      • Yes, they are self-propelled. I try to inform everyone that there is not much difference between the gas and lithium products except that you can continuously go for a long time with gas and with the lithium equipment you have to charge the battery before you can finish if it is depleted of its power. But at the same time if you are only doing your home this should not be a problem. It would if you were trying to do a lawn service or something but not for residential use.

    4. Linda Watson says:

      I’m afraid of gasoline. I just don’t trust it. I didn’t even know that lithium power equipment existed. I’m particularly nervous about our snowblower and would use it more if I wasn’t so unsure about the gas and starting it up. I have an irrational fear it will blow up on me. Do they have lithium snow throwers and can they get the job done on a long driveway? Thanks for the information.

      • I don’t blame you for being a little leery. The answer to your question is yes they do. So now you can get away from using the gas one. The one I know of will run about 50 minutes and that should be enough time I would think. Click Here to purchase the snow blower. I hope this helps.

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