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My Experience With Lithium Lawn Equipment

Lithium Powered Hedging
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As a person who promotes lithium lawn equipment, I felt that I should share the experience I had this weekend while working. I give a lot of advice on why I think you should love lithium powered equipment so I thought my experience with one of the tools would help me give more reasons to say they will be beneficial to the homeowner.

The Black & Decker 20v. Hedge Trimmer

This is the piece of equipment I chose to take with me while doing one of my customer’s property for my lawn service. I picked it up at a pawn shop so there is no telling how old the equipment is or how much it was used.

If you read any of my posts you know that I always say that lithium powered equipment is ideal for the average homeowner. I say this because many people feel that they will run out of power before they finish their tasks.

The Black & Decker 20v. hedge trimmer I had with me had to do a little more than a few hedges in the front of a house.

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Hedge Trimming Job
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My customer was a small commercial property that had a few small trees like bushes that had a little height on them. I had to use an 8 ft. ladder to reach the tops of them. This meant a lot of stopping and going which took me about 2 1/2 hours to complete.

Did It Hold Up?

Because I knew that I was going to take a little time to complete the task, I ordered two extra batteries to take with me. They cost me $27.99 for a set of two. But because I did buy the hedger from a pawn shop I had no idea what shape the battery that came with it was in.

I charged each battery to maximum charge and went to work on the 2 large ones, 4 medium ones and a couple of small ones.

I started with the smaller ones up to the bigger ones. I was able to complete the smaller ones on one battery and when I started in on the two biggest ones the battery was going strong but died after about 5 minutes into it. But I must note it was cutting with full power and just went out completely as the battery discharged.

Although the braches were from 1/8 to 1/4 inches thick, I was able to trim the tops and smooth them out of the branches that were protruding out.

I would say the second battery finished up the job with at least half of its life left. I would say if I was doing an average home with the average amount of hedges, I could have completed the task with one battery.

Below is a video to give you some visual on the product that I used.



I think that the Black & Decker 20v. hedge trimmer handled itself pretty well out there doing some of my lawn service work. I will take my two batteries and the trimmer to at least 4 homes with hedges and won’t fear not having enough juice to finish them since most of my jobs are average size homes.

Black & Decker Hedger
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So I will say if you have an average size home with the average amount of hedges, you can feel comfortable with this product. The hedger that you will purchase from this post now is a newer model which probably performs even better.

Thank you for visiting and I hope I might have given you a reason to purchase your own lithium powered equipment to use around your home and feel confident while doing so.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to use the comments section below and feel free to share any experience you might have had using lithium powered lawn equipment.



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