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Power Behind Lithium Lawn Equipment

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More people are finding out just how effective lithium powered lawn equipment is when using it to do their lawns. In this post, we will speak on why there is some power behind lithium lawn equipment. Because people have always thought that gas-powered equipment was more effective, they shied away from the battery powered equipment.

What Makes Lithium Powered Equipment Great?

As lithium powered equipment is getting popular, the manufacturers are upping the ante of the playing field by making the equipment more dependable and user-friendly.

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Some of the pluses include that the batteries are designed to hold better charges for longer periods of time than the first run of ni-cad batteries. The batteries come in voltage ranges of up to 80 volts depending on the type of equipment and the model of the equipment.

How Long Will A Battery Last?

A lot of people always want to know how long their batteries will last before it does not perform well anymore. Judging by what I have heard from people who have used and love their equipment, the most consistent lifespan is around the 2-year mark.

Do They Perform As Well As Gas Powered Equipment?

They do the same job just as well as gas powered equipment. The advantage that gas-powered equipment has over lithium powered equipment they operate better in a case of long periods of time on large jobs or yards. But for the use of doing an average size home, lithium powered equipment does just as well.

Most people with two batteries in an average size home will barely use the second battery to do their whole property unless you try to tackle a yard that has really overgrown in height. In which you should not do in the first place.

If you want your equipment to run strong and long you want to go up in voltage of the battery as you can when you purchase the equipment.

Most Popular Lithium Mower With The Power

When it comes to lawnmowers, the EGO lawnmowers has been getting the most praise as far as performance in battery life and cutting goes. The EGO Manufacturer is said to have the best consumer grade of battery in all of the equipment that they supply. See the video below.

With all lithium powered lawn equipment, you can expect to get a quick start, lightweight for easier handling, and most important you are going green which catapults the power behind lithium lawn equipment.

Thank you for visiting our website and feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comments section.

    1. Andrew Reed says:

      This is great, I had no idea lithium has made its way into yard equipment. Wow, I’m still in shock. I mean they have been around for a long time and I have a lithium cordless drill but I still can’t believe there are lawn mowers that are lithium. I guess if they can run cars they can run mowers lol. Good stuff, and thanks for the info.

    2. Max says:

      We have to start getting to where we use cars that run on electricity as well. The one advantage you didn’t point out is how better it is for the environment when using lithium powered lawn equipment. If I had a house I would definitely use EGO lawnmowers before the ones that run on gas.

    3. Matthew says:

      I haven’t got much of a lawn but what I do have I like to keep it looking good. Are the batteries rechargeable? If so do they take long to charge back up?

      • If you have a small yard, this type of equipment will be excellent for you. And they are rechargeable. Actually, you would do much better to have lithium powered equipment instead of gas.

    4. joe says:

      Hey Ronnie
      I watched the Ego video looks like it performs well. I was wondering what voltage and amperage the charger needs? The reason I ask is if you could charge with solar panel and inverter.

      • Now that is a good question. I am not familiar with how solar panels and inverters work. But if it supplies the same power as your electrical outlets does then it probably will work on it as well. But don’t quote me on that. I will have to check into that and that means a post needs to be done on it as well. Thanks for a great question.

        • joe says:

          Hey Ronnie
          Thanks for the reply I will be watching for a post on the issue.

          • I am no expert on solar power but I did find some information. Most solar panels are 12v rated intended to charge lead acid batteries. But at the same time what I found said that PV panel to charge lithium batteries should be full load rated by at least 12.6v/90%. Now I don’t truly understand what that means but you probably do. I hope that helps out.

    5. Luise says:

      Wow, i think this is great news for rural areas and especially when you would like to cut off the power cost. But are their batteries easily accessible?

    6. Juan says:

      Lithium batteries are considerably more powerful than Ni-Cad batteries. But I’m wondering if they can even compare to gas mixtures for such a high energy demand equipment as a lawn mower? I know you said that one battery is enough to tackle the average yard, but does the power of the lawn mower start dwindling down as time goes by? It would be annoying to have to stop mowing the lawn mid-way to charge the battery.

      • I think that is what most people worry about. But if you look at the video in this post you see that it took care of an average size lawn and the red light did not even come on which comes on when it is down to a 15% charge. That tells me it does pretty well.

    7. Jasmin says:

      Good read. I have a large size lawn of 12 acres. Can I buy multiple batteries to use with it and replace them when needed?

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