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Pros And Cons Of Robot Lawnmowers

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Just like any product the robot lawnmower has people who love them and people who don’t like them. There are many factors that determine whether this product is worthy or not. I am writing to touch on the good and the bad and let you determine yourself judging by the pros and cons of robot lawnmowers.

The Set Up
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Some of us are not designed to do things ourselves if it has any technical work involved. Setting up the perimeter for your robot lawnmower can cause a problem for some. There are different aspects that come into play.

The territory can have one zone or multiple zones. They can have a lot of hills or full of holes. Or possibly many obstacles. This can cause a problem if you decide you don’t want to think that hard to set it up.

Then there are those who love to tackle these types of projects. Setting up the perimeter for your robot mower will actually be fun to the ones who love to do certain projects. And because it is simple to lay the perimeter wire most people can get it done just by reading the instructions.

The pros to the setup are that it is just wired with stakes in the ground. Nothing really hard about that. The cons behind the setup are that you must know what will make the mower ineffective in cutting your lawn. But realistically you can find that out by reading the manual.

The Programming 
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There are a couple of ways you can program your robot lawnmower. You can program it by Wifi or Bluetooth or simply on the console of the mower itself. This will allow you to tell the mower when to cut your lawn freeing up your time since you won’t have to mow it yourself.

You simply turn it on or off using either of these methods depending on the model you purchase. The pros behind this are that most people are already actively using Bluetooth and Wifi regularly so you are not a stranger to it. The cons behind it are that some people are not confident they can correctly use this technology. But once again it is not difficult to master.

Obstacles And Barriers

Now, this part of it really can determine if having a robot lawnmower is for you or not. You have to consider how your yard is set up. Are you going to have to use multiple zones or just one zone? Do you have deep holes in your yard or very slanted slopes? Do you have a lot of obstacles in your yard?

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You want your robot mower to be able to effectively navigate itself around smoothly and efficiently. The smoother the lawn the better it will perform. But remember you can navigate it around things using the perimeter wire that comes with it.

In fact, if you have a fence separating two areas you can direct it to the fence if you make a passageway through your fence by opening up a porthole for it. As far as obstacles go it can make the set up a little challenging but it still can be done.

Slopes are an issue because if you run your perimeter wire at the bottom of a slope that is too steep, it can slide right past it and shut down. But you get past that problem by running your perimeter wire the right way.

If the mower bumps into an obstacle, the sensors will tell it to change direction rather than try to plow through it. This is a great feature that prevents any shutdown while mowing.

The pros behind this problem are that the robot lawnmower was designed to get around these problems with the proper installation of the perimeter wires. This means setting it up to avoid problem areas such as narrow passages and steep slopes that are more than 10 degrees.

The cons behind this problem are that if you have holes in your lawn it can get trapped causing a malfunction and you will physically have to rescue it to get it moving again. And you might have to trim in some areas where the mower can’t cut close to obstacles.

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Having a robot mower is not a bad thing at all. Some people think it is just a product of thrill and won’t be worth it. But the fact of the matter is you simply have to set it up according to how your yard is arranged. And it will do a commendable job.

If you have a pretty much flat and open yard with little obstacles then the robot lawnmower will be a perfect fit for you. On the other hand, if you have a challenging yard with obstacles and slopes, the robot mower is for you as well but more challenging to set it up.

Whatever you do please don’t let the set up deter you from a nice product because there is help available in setting up complicated lawn arrangements if you really don’t want to try and set it up yourself.

I took the pleasure of adding a video below to give you some idea what setting up a robot lawnmower would consist of. This way you can see just how simple it would be to set your own up.

So evaluate your lawn and decide if having a robot lawnmower would benefit you or not.

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Thanks for visiting and I hope this post shed some light on being an owner of a robotic lawnmower. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

    1. Eric Cantu says:

      These are interesting little gadgets now aren’t they? But as much as I love a great new gadget, I’d really have to trust this. And the next question is do they make an edger? LOL

      • I assume edging is not one of your fun things to do. I will tell you this, they have lithium powered edgers that will help you be Eco-friendly. But yes they are very interesting and they are very cool as well. I think a lot of people are afraid to try them because they seem like they would be complicated or they are just another invention that won’t hold up to the job.

    2. Kevin Bulmer says:

      Robot lawnmowers! Of course! I’ve seen vacuums that look like these but hadn’t considered lawn mowers. The more challenging my yard was to cut, the more I’d want the robot to do it. Lol! But it sounds like, although that’s possible, it’s definitely more of a challenge.
      Great article!

      • I think it is good to take a challenge and see if you can make it work for you. In this case, if you evaluate where you want to use a robot lawnmower and if it is an average yard that is not terrible terrain, this won’t oppose a difficult challenge at all.

    3. Maurice Jackson says:

      I read your other articles on robotic mowers where you discussed the effectiveness of a robotic mower and you also did some comparisons. In this article, I appreciate how you went on to describe in more detail about the setup and programming.

      • Thank you. I try to give as much information on the product as I can. There are a lot of people who have heard of them but don’t know much about them. I am glad that I have some information to assist a person who is seeking to find if it is something that would work for them.

    4. john Newman says:

      I think with peak cutting time the dead grass could be a problem, leaves,dead thatch equals moss and so on? etc.

      • That is true if you have cut a tall lawn and left all the clippings there to settle over time. But a well-maintained lawn cut regularly means little clippings which would not create the problem you mentioned. In fact, with that in mind, it makes sense to use a robot lawnmower. They keep the lawn cut regularly.

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