Lithium Mowers | Reasons To Use A Lithium Lawnmower

Reasons To Use A Lithium Lawnmower

Every Reason To Use Lithium Mowers
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If you mow your own lawn, there is a chance you might be in the percentage of people who only used gas mowers to get the job done. While gas mowers do just well, Lithium-powered lawnmowers can be just as effective with a few advantages depending on if some of its features can be a benefit to you. I am going to give some reasons to use a lithium lawnmower going forward.

Do You Use A Corded Lawnmower?



I was a little shocked to see some people out cutting their lawns with a corded lawnmower. Me myself, I think I am too clumsy for that one. I can see myself cutting the cord. It should be known this could be a possible shock accident. I pray that nobody would try this with a damp lawn. To me, corded lawnmowers are an accident waiting to happen.

Electric Lawnmower
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Not only that, how much of your lawn can you actually cover with a corded lawnmower. The longer the cord the less energy the mower will be able to supply. Back in the day when corded lawnmowers were developed, they had its purposes and maybe even some advantages of the times.

That applies to the lithium-powered lawnmowers of today. The corded ones of the day got the job done, am I right? And for some it still does. Lithium lawnmowers are doing what the corded lawnmowers intended and that is to cut down on pollutants.

Some of the other advantages it offers are they are a lot lighter than gas mowers which are ideal for many people especially our elders. Besides them being lighter they also run a lot quieter. Not like all the engine noise of a gas mower gives you.

Speaking Of Gas Mowers!

As with all people who use gas mowers you can remember a time where that pull start just gave you blues. Every season you hoped it would start up and run with no problems or that it would never cut off and you just could not get it to start again.

Or you take it in to get it serviced just to find out you need this part or that part and possibly a new mower. Well, lithium-powered mowers literally just take a push of a button. No cranking and praying just push and go. No gas, oil or going to the maintenance shop to get it serviced.

Gas Lawnmower
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Gas lawnmowers will give you the range of cutting on a large yard compared to a lithium-powered mower. But one of my best sayings is that a lithium-powered mower is great for the average size homeowner. I say this because most average sized homes you can mow in about an hour. And lithium-powered lawnmowers give you on an average of an hour and possibly some over. But I also say if you have a large property you can also get two batteries which even the playing field.

I say even because lithium-powered lawnmowers cut the lawn in stiff competition with the gas mower, don’t let the battery powered idea fool you. They do cut strong and well. But don’t forget you will be dealing with less weight, less starting problems, and a really quiet atmosphere.

Let’s Talk About Battery Charging

A lot of people are concerned about how fast they can get their mowers going after the battery is depleted. First, let’s say that your mower will cut at full power until it is totally depleted. As far as charge time I will say it will depend on the model you have. But on the average, it takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours varying with what Ah battery you have meaning 2Ah or 4Ah in most cases with the rapid charge systems most have.

Also, you should know that you have other choices in Ah batteries such as the 5Ah or 7.5Ah batteries in which you can choose at the time of purchase. This could lessen the charge time as well. But if you know how long it takes you to mow your lawn you can make a pretty good judgment call on what size will work for you. The cost of the mowers does vary proportionally to the type of battery and how many you get with the unit.

Ego Power Plus Battery Charger
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I will give you a comparison to go off of as far as charging goes.

  • The Works brand 2Ah battery is recorded to take 2 hrs to charge 4Ah dual port batteries 2 hrs.
  • The Greenworks brand 2Ah battery takes 1 hr while the 4Ah battery takes 2 hrs to charge
  • The Ryobi brand 2.6Ah or 5Ah battery takes 90 minutes to charge
  • The Ego brand 2Ah battery takes 40 minutes or less while the 4Ah battery takes 80 minutes or less to charge

So you see it really depends on what you choose that determines what you get as far as charging goes. Another thing people want to know is how long the battery last. They last anywhere from 2 to 3 years. Click Here to find out about charging them to help you prolong the life of lithium batteries.

I took the liberty of adding a video that shows ordinary people cutting really tall grass to show that these mowers have some power to them. And believe me, they all cut well when you use them. They are just lighter and quieter.

Which Lithium Mower Is The Best Choice

Judging by everything I have seen or researched all of them will get the job done. I really try to stick with telling people the smaller your yard the better a lithium mower is for you because of the run times. Of course, you can make adjustments for larger yards by choosing a model with the battery set up to give you the longest running time. What I mean by setting up I mean the Ah of the battery as well as the voltage of the battery & how many you get with the unit.

I don’t want to make it more confusing than it has to be. Each model will explain how long you can expect it to run or charge as you are making your choice. I really mean when I say they all can get the job done but it is our job to choose the appropriate equipment for the task at hand for the best results.



I will say that through all the research I have seen that Worx, Greenworks, Ryobi & Ego Power Plus all have satisfactory reviews of their performance. But the Ego Power Plus Equipment is considered the #1 choice as far as power, battery life, charging time and overall performance in every piece of lithium equipment across the board. But it does not mean you make a bad choice if you go with another model.

I am just speaking of all that I have seen or read about lithium-powered lawnmowers & other lawn equipment. But if you choose Ego Power Plus Equipment you will be making a good choice.


I use lithium powered lawn equipment in my lawn service business and it has served me well. This is why I tell people that using lithium-powered equipment is nothing to be afraid of utilizing. Just know that you are not going to be able to go for hours like you would with a plugin or gas type. But you will get great results if you are doing your own personal space.

Just remember to think about how long it takes you and pair it what you know the equipment can do. If you know you need more time get a second battery or be prepared to pause for the charge to resume. Either way, you will get the same cut you would get using other types of equipment.

Feel free to visit our online store by clicking the tab in the header that says Lithium Power Plus. There you will find an arsenal of lithium equipment.

I hope this was a very helpful article for some and that it will help you decide if you would like to give a lithium-powered lawnmower a try in the near future. But for now please leave what is on your mind in the comments section below. We all would love to hear what each other has to say on the topic. Thanks for visiting us.


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