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The Best Of Lithium Lawnmowers

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Is it time for you to get a new lawnmower? There are probably a lot of questions running through your mind at what kind you should purchase. There are some options you have to consider and in this post, we will touch on the best of lithium lawnmowers.

Why Choose A Lithium Lawnmower? 
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There are several reasons why a lithium mower would be a good choice and some why they would not be. The most common reason a person wants one is to go green with the thought of keeping the environment clean.

The noise factor also crosses a lot of people’s mind as well. And that is another factor the lithium mower has over a gas powered mower.

Many people have tried the corded electric mowers but they can be a challenge dragging the cord around as you mow. If not really careful you could accidentally severe it by rolling over it. This makes the lithium mower the better choice in this matter.

One drawback to an electric mower is you have to be careful as far as running it into some water. But you would think no one would mow in wet grass in any form.

Comparison To Gas Mowers (Good & Bad)
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Gas mowers generally make way more noise than the electric or lithium powered mowers. While with a lithium mower you don’t have to worry about gasoline or regular engine maintenance.

Gasoline powered mowers are more powerful than the electric mower, however. They can cut through heavy grass better and handle larger lawns where the lithium mower is not as powerful and can only run for so long before needing a charge. The gasoline mower can run a long time off of just a little gas.

Lithium mowers are great for smaller lawns and lawns that are maintained often to prevent having to cut tall or thick lawns which regularly cut is what you want anyway.

Because the batteries are Lithium-ion and depending on the mower you purchase will determine the strength of the battery. A 40-volt 5.0 Ah battery will give you an extended run time generally around 40 minutes to an hour. That will allow you to cut a pretty decent size area.

Plug, Charge & Go 
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With the lithium mower, you just charge the battery and start cutting. Unlike the gas mower, there are no spark plugs, tune-ups, fuel filters or oil changes in which all cost extra after purchasing one.

The only thing about lithium mowers is that there are not many people that are accustomed to working on them. But at the same time, they are pretty much designed to not need much maintenance.

Finding someone to work on it if needed may be tedious but not impossible. But that is the purpose of a good warranty.


Lithium mowers are a lot lighter than gas mowers which take a lot of the struggle out of mowing in tight areas. You also lose the pull start which can sometimes be a pain. Especially if you have a finicky starting mower.

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When it is time to choose what kind of lawnmower to get, keep in mind how much mowing you are going to do. If your lawn is the size it can be cut within 35 minutes you probably should be fine with a lithium mower. Also, make sure you plan on regularly maintaining your lawn in which you should be doing anyway.

To view some lithium lawnmowers and other lithium powered equipment that is available Click Here.

Thank you for stopping in with us and feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comment section below.

  1. Henryan says:

    Great information about lithium lawnmower. you also compare it with a gas mover. Does it have enough power to cut tall grass? I think this is an easy way to mow, I don’t need gas and it is quiet. Thanks for the information

  2. David Donahue says:

    Interesting, a lithium mower. I never heard of them. I have had a few mowers and the latest was a drive mower which I hated. It always hit rocks and they would shoot everywhere. I felt like Mad Max on the thing and probably drove it into the ground. The neighbors did their share with it too beer cans flying rocks flying….really some what the heck is going on moments with that thing. This looks a little simpler and worth checking out. I have a small yard now and can actually weed wack it with a cordless wacker. It works too….

  3. Manika- Nia Dixon says:

    Lithium certainly sounds like the better choice and you had me at environmentally friendly! Any downsides with a lithium powered mower?

    • There are some. The Lithium powered mowers are not as powerful as the gas mowers so you must maintain your lawn regularly which is what you should be doing anyway. You also have limited mow time because the battery will need to be recharged. This makes it only good if you don’t have a very big yard. Other than that it is a great piece of equipment.

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