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The Lithium Yard Force

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In order to keep our lawns maintained and looking its best, we need to have what is needed to perform the task of lawn maintenance. We can pay someone to come out or we can volunteer our service to our own yards. To make it easy on yourself I will tell you how to put together a lithium yard force that will help you.

What Is A Yard Force?

Whatever tools you equip yourself with to cut, do weed-eating, trim and clean up your lawn with whenever you decide to work on your yard is up to you. Some people may have gas-powered equipment which is the most common yard force.

But today we have different types of equipment to consider. So I want to focus on lithium powered-equipment to make your lawn force with and why it is a great idea to do so.

A Lithium Yard Force Is Less Hassle

Having lithium equipment is much easier to deal with in many ways. For one, you don’t have to worry about oil and gas. This will eliminate going to the gas station and auto part stores prior to actually getting out there and getting on top of your lawn. And you are going green in the process.

Then you have to consider storing your yard force. Lithium-powered tools are extremely easy to store. You don’t have to worry about the flammable precautions and the fumes having an impact on how you store them.

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I am sure everyone knows about draining the gas and then running the equipment until all the gas runs through before you store it for the winter months. Well, no need to worry about that with lithium-powered equipment.

Storing & pre-servicing will be a thing of the past. No more loading up your equipment to take it to your local lawn repair shop to have them serviced in the early spring before you use them. This will save you some money.

Easy To Use For Everyone

Lithium-powered equipment is extremely lightweight making it easy for anyone to handle. There are no pull cords which can be extremely challenging for some. In fact, just a push of a button gets any part of your lawn force up and running.

Because of the lightweight, it is easy to pick up and maneuver so it does not require a lot of strength or physical exertion to operate the equipment.

The Common Yard Force

Everybody who does a lawn knows the basic equipment you will need. To make up a yard force you will need a mower, weedeater, blower, leaf vac and maybe an edger. Some people are able to edge with their weedeater pretty successfully.

If each piece of equipment is from the same manufacturer, you most likely will be able to use the same battery for each piece of equipment. This is another great feature to using lithium equipment for your yard force. I myself personally would recommend EGO products because they are known for their powerful power source.


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Putting together your choice of lithium lawn equipment gives you many options and has a large variety of equipment to chose from. Visit Lithium Power Plus store to see just what is available to you.

Thank you for visiting us and if you need any help or have a comment on the subject please put it in the comments section below.






    1. Ann says:

      Hey Ronnie, thanks for an informative article. I love the fact that you don’t have to use gas and I’m always on the lookout for products that are environmentally friendly. The light-weight factor is also great too! After reading your article, I am definitely interested in trying this out for my lawn care needs.

    2. Irma says:

      Wow! Lawn care is really going high tech these days. I do not have a yard right now, and the last lawn mower that I owned was a brand new push mower (I had a very little yard).
      Lithium powered lawn care looks like a much simpler solution that the old gas powered machines of the past, so I am glad things are moving into the 21st century. Do you have to remove the battery for winter storage?

    3. kay says:

      I love the fact that there will no longer be any trips back and forth to the gas station! Sounds like something I might try out one day.

    4. Viv says:

      This is super informative, might get one for my brother in law for the holidays. Thanks for sharing this 🙂


    5. chad says:

      This is a very nice product, I like how there is no gas so it makes it easy for storing.

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