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Today’s Lithium Lawn Equipment Is Awesome

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Many people are stuck in the middle when determining which is better gas or lithium powered lawn equipment. Well, that is understandable since we are accustomed to using gas-powered equipment for our lawns.

But since the corded equipment seemed to be kind of tedious to use but a great way to be eco-friendly, the lithium powered equipment removed the awkward use of cords and this is why today’s lithium lawn equipment is awesome.

What If I Want T0 Purchase Lithium Lawn Equipment?

There are a few things to consider when wanting to use lithium powered equipment as your equipment of choice. I want to be totally honest by saying if you plan to use the equipment for large projects then lithium powered equipment is not the right choice as of now.

While lithium powered equipment now is capable giving a performance quite equal to gas-powered equipment, it is no match for handling the larger yards or jobs the gas-powered equipment can handle. For example, if you ever did or watched someone using a blower to clean up you can see the power of air moving the debris around.

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Well, the lithium powered blower can produce the same punch as a gas powered one would but not for the long periods of time a gas-powered blower could. So, in essence, this doesn’t make the gas-powered blower the better one unless you were doing a large job.

When it comes to lawn mowers the lithium mowers have made a good impression as far as being able to cut just as well as a gas powered mower but again not for long periods of times that can compare to a gas mower.

There is a company named Ego who supplies a good mower that holds up pretty well because they have manufactured some good batteries that give you maximum strength capable of doing a pretty good size yard. The mower I am speaking of is the Ego Power Plus lawn mower.

Who Will Benefit From Using Lithium Powered Equipment?

But out of all honesty, the person who will benefit from using lithium powered equipment is the homeowner or renter who does their own lawn. This is because the equipment can handle an average size yard but it is not yet able to handle extremely large yards without being recharged.

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Some equipment comes with two batteries depending on the model you buy which can help you increase the job time like the Ryobi 40 Volt lawn mower. Or you can always purchase an extra battery if the one you choose only comes with one.

The great thing also is these batteries are usually made to work on other equipment of that manufacturer such as your blower, hedgers and other types of equipment they manufacture.

But, if you are just planning on using your equipment as personal property use you should be okay unless you have this tremendous amount of property to maintain. In this case, a person usually will have lawn attendants instead of doing it themselves.

Is It Worth The Money?

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Lithium powered equipment does not require all the yearly service as gas-powered equipment so because the cost may seem high it really averages out over time. But remember there is some gas-powered equipment that is very expensive as well if you want maximum performance.

If you really believe in being eco-friendly and want equipment that gets your yard done with less hassle like dealing with gas and maintenance or cords, then yes, the cost of lithium-powered equipment will certainly not seem so expensive over the period of time you own it.

Take a look below and you tell me if you think it would be worth the money.


I hope this article cleared some of the questions that one may have when considering purchasing lithium powered equipment for their home. Feel free to leave any questions or comments as it may help someone in their thoughts of lithium-powered equipment.

    1. brd says:

      I found your article right on point but has left me with a dilemma. I am in the market for a new lawnmower, and had never given the lithium battery idea a thought.
      I like the idea of a battery powered option, and am going to look into this further. The only catch is the run time of the battery. I don’t have a big yard, but want to be able to finish in one swoop.

      thanks for the great read.

    2. hong says:

      Very interesting article. I had no idea there is even such thing as lithium powered lawn equipment. I have always thought the gas lawn mower is the only kind out there. You offered some great tips when wanting to purchase lithium lawn equipment. I just recently sold my gas lawn equipment; I might consider trying the lithum one in the future. My old one was super loud. Do you by any chance know if the lithium lawn equipment is much quieter than the gas one? Thank you for sharing!

    3. Andrei says:

      Thank you for writing this great post! I was looking to purchase a lawn mower as a present for my father since he’s complaining a lot about the one he has now. I’ve heard a few things about the Ego company, but I never considered to purchase from them up until now. Thank you for writing this review! I am sure that he will love it!

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