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What I Think About Lithium Powered Tools

Cut Tested
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You might have seen some of my articles on various lithium powered lawn equipment. I showcase these items because I think that they are an improvement on how we perform a task that needs power tools. I try to be fair about whether they are useful or not which make me tell what I think about lithium powered tools whole-heartedly. They are great but not for everybody.

Who Benefits From Using Them?

This is the greatest question of all to me. We all can benefit from using them in the sense of being eco-friendly. But the nature of the tool will lead me to say the homeowner who uses them for their personal home usage, will benefit the most. This is because the runtime on them will be limited to a few hours.

Average Homeowner
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They do use a battery which means it will have to be recharged between usages. If you are doing lawns as a business it is not practical as of yet to use lithium tools because of the extensive amount of work you will be putting on the tools.

The Performance

A lot of people would think that they will suffer some performance loss if they were to lay down their old gas-powered equipment. But The fact of the matter is that manufacturers have developed this equipment nowadays to perform with the same tenacity as the gas units.

While all manufacturers do a good job of maintaining this standard the Ego Company is known for the power and battery longevity of their equipment. For those who have read my articles you know they are my first go to as far as power goes.  Continue reading and I will leave a video for you showing that I am not the only one who says this.

How Long Can I Go On One Charge
Run Time
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This is another one of those questions that everybody who is considering going lithium asks. The average run time on let’s say a lawn mower is 45 to 60 minutes on one charge depending on the voltage of the battery and the power of the mower.  The Ego Power Plus 21 inch mower has been said to cut the max of 60 minutes.

This is why I stress that this type of equipment is perfect for homeowner’s use because of the amount of time it will be used. The average lifespan of a lithium battery in every scenario is around five years. But who normally take a long time to mow a lawn unless they have a tremendous amount of property?

Now someone with a large piece of property can consider one of the robotic lawnmowers because they will cut then recharge themselves and continue on relentlessly by themselves. Anyone can use these but they are expensive to some people.

The Upkeep Advantage

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Maintaining this equipment is far easier than that of gas equipment. You know the drill of having to get your gas equipment serviced every season, at least you should. Then you have to constantly get gas and oils to add to it prior to using.

The only thing you have to worry about with lithium equipment is proper usage &  storage of your batteries. The servicing is as simple inspecting your blade and lubricating your wheels. And of course, maintaining your battery keeping it stored in a cool place.

Easy Usage

One of the better features of lithium equipment is that it is very lightweight compared to gas equipment. It is so light that it won’t put a strain on you when having to maneuver around objects. This is great for elderly people who still enjoy yard work.

The other thing is the startup. They are a push of a button which is way easier than the pull cord. They will start up on the dime compared to pulling the cord two or three times hoping it will start at all. If you have been there before you understand what I am saying.

Here is the video I promised at the beginning. You thought I forgot, didn’t you? Without further delay here you go.


I think lithium powered equipment is a plus because not only is it good for the environment it gives us a way to ease the burden of doing lawns and other chores from the cost of maintenance and being totally lost when our equipment fails to start up.

True it cost a little more in some cases but it all weighs out when you remove the maintenance and the cost of fluids you incur when using the gas equipment. But keep in mind I will be the first to say that this is the perfect average sized home homeowner type of equipment as of now. Who knows what the future holds.

Thanks for visiting us today and feel free to share your ideas and questions in the comment section below.

    1. Penelope says:

      I didn’t know lithium powered lawn maintenance tools existed. that’s VERY cool. I love that it’s more sustainable and easier to keep up than gas-powered tools. And I’m there with you – unless it’s a huge yard, how on earth would it take more than an hour to mow? Any specific models that you recommend?

      • Yes, there is Penelope. I feel that all of them will perform their job well but the EGO Power+ lawnmower has been through numerous test by numerous test facilities and they have been deemed the company with the best batteries and better performance of its competition. This includes all of their equipment.

    2. mercy says:

      This is a great article and I love the time you will do your mowing before recharge, Also on the push, the button for me is easier and it makes it appear easier than with the pull the cord, it appears like its more technical especially for women.

      • It is designed to give you the cut you want while removing the hassle of adding gas and oils, pulling the pull cord, reducing the noise and allows you to be eco-friendly. It is much lighter in weight making it a lot easier to manage. It may seem technical but it is simple to manage. So, yes I can see why a woman would love it.

    3. Carl says:

      I have always wondered about battery powered mowers. When they first came out they did not cut very well has that changed a lot since then? Also, I like the idea of getting an hour out of a charge, that is pretty awesome. Now they need to make a battery-powered rider, lol. How is the performance compared to a gas mower? Is it comparable?


      • Yes, they are more improved. They do cut just as well as a gas mower. The only difference is you can cut continuously with a gas mower simply by adding gas. You have to charge the lithium battery when it gets depleted. But one charge should suffice for the average size yard. There are some battery riding mowers but not lithium powered.

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