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Why Buy A Robotic Mower?

Relaxing With A Robot Lawnmower
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Many people are not sure what they will be getting themselves into when thinking about buying a robotic mower for the first time.

With the new age of smartphones, tv’s & homes, it is easy to understand why for some it could be quite intimidating for the older generation. But some of the younger generations are asking questions about them too.

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In this post, I will discuss a few good things about owning a robotic lawnmower and let you decide if it is a good idea to purchase a robotic lawnmower.

Good Reasons To Own One

Real quickly here are some of the pluses for having and operating the new robotic lawnmowers that will free up more time for you as well as some other advantages.

  • Time Saver – Because the mower can carry out its duties un-manned, this will allow you some time to enjoy other things instead of manually cutting your lawn periodically.
  • Perfect Cutting Although random cutting patterns are the way of the robotic mower, it provides an out of having to gather grass clippings which take some hard work from your chores.
  • Safe The mower is equipped with an auto shut down feature in cases of it being turned over or lifted. The bump sensors also tell it to change directions if it encounters trees or other obstacles.
  • Provides a Natural Fertilizer The finely cut grass clippings will give back to your yard the source of nitrogen it needs to stay healthy.
  • Environmentally Sound With this equipment, there is no petrol, oil or emissions involved when using a robotic lawnmower. It also recycles the grass clippings instead of disposing of them.
  • Simple to Use – Depending on which model you choose, it is easy to install and operate. You can program it to fit your desired cut times.
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Now that you are aware of some of the benefits of owning a robotic lawnmower, I will say a lot will depend on what model you choose as far as different features you will achieve.

I will recommend looking at the McCulloch Rob 1000 robotic mower because it is one of the mowers with great features you will enjoy and is user-friendly.

I hoped this post was helpful and that you will free to browse around the site and view other lithium powered equipment here at Lithium Power Plus.

    1. Taq'uee says:

      Today’s technology just amazes me! This particular gadget is very intriguing. I’m rereading and figuring the advantage of investing in this and firing my current landscaping guy. Thanks for sharing!

      • Oh no! It is a great product though. Especially if you don’t really have time to do it yourself or you are tired of paying someone as you mentioned. Plus you don’t have to wait until your lawn guy comes. The robot mower can handle everything on its own except being programmed by you.

    2. Thimo says:

      I´ve never seen one in my neighborhood, but these seem to be very convenient and more practical with the fertilization than a normal mower. Maybe I should look for one for our yard 🙂

      • They are gradually getting popular. And they do cut the grass finer which makes for a better mulch on your lawn. You can’t beat the convenience and a great lawn service at the same time.

    3. Andrea says:

      Thank you for this post! This is the first time that I have heard about a robotic mower! I was thinking about getting a push mower because I am not a fan of a gas mower… but this seems to be more up my alley!

      • Glad I put you up on a product that will work for you. They were designed to be Eco-friendly and it sounds like that is the type of products you like. I hope you are able to try one out.

    4. Daryl says:

      These are actually brilliant! My neighbour has one, I see him on the deck sipping a drink. I definitely need to get one for myself, I love saving time!

      • Very good. Then you are a person who knows that the product does do what it says it will. You hit one of the major advantages and that is saving time. Plus they are like having a yard man living on your property with just one goal in mind. Keeping your lawn looking groomed.

    5. Manasir says:

      Hello, thanks for this post – I really liked the lithium mover for my lawn. But is there any cons in the product as I can see only the pros about this product. Kindly confirm so that I can go ahead with this product McCulloch Rob 1000. Thanks, Mana.

      • There are a few cons as with anything. But I feel they are not drastic. One would be the set up of it. A lot of people may not be into doing this but it is not like anyone would have a meltdown doing it. You have to set up the base and the perimeter for it. The other is the price tag. Which if you think about it, you will save on paying someone to do your lawn. Some people would arguably say the battery life. And the cutting pattern is not like your traditional lawnmower. It is more of a random cutting pattern. I hope this helped.

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