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Why Use A Robot Lawnmower?

Why Use A Robot Lawnmower
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Robot lawnmowers have not peaked the interest of many homeowners quite yet. Maybe because for some it is unheard of and for others a waste of money. There are some advantages to having a robot lawnmower and there are some reasons why you shouldn’t. But in this post, I will answer the big question of why use a robot lawnmower.

Who Would Benefit From It

Relaxing With A Robot Lawnmower
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The first thing I want to touch on is who would benefit from using a robot lawnmower. There are several situations that would fall under why you should use a robot lawnmower when it comes to this topic. There are the elderly who just don’t have the drive to go out and mow their lawns anymore.

So if you have a loved one who could use a personal assistant to groom their lawn then you have a good reason to get one for their use. It may require a little weed eating in areas but at least the burden of walking out an entire yard is over with.

Then there is the homeowner who travels a lot or has something else that takes up the majority of their time. Sometimes this can be the person who usually can groom their lawn at least twice a week but a situation robs them of that time.

Another good reason that a robot lawnmower can be utilized is that it will carry out its duties on its own while you are away or too busy. This means you will just periodically check on the unit and edge up around places you had to map around when you set it up. But it literally doesn’t take much time to do that.

Robot Mower
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Then there are the Techies who love cool stuff like the robot lawnmower. Because these units have models that you can integrate with your smartphone or your wi-fi this will be another thing to play around with using the functions they provide.

Let’s not forget the environmental-minded people who probably really respect how this equipment works without harming the environment.

The Set-Up Is Achievable

Robot Lawnmower Setup
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I think the term robot lawnmower really frightens people into thinking it is something they won’t be able to handle if they got one. So I would like to let it be known that it is very easy to follow the instructions on how to put it into operation as well as set it up to do your lawn.

If you can follow a manual you should not have any problems installing your robot lawnmower. And if you do you can find someone locally who you can hire to set it up. To show you what is involved with setting it up please Click Here and you will find out all you need to know.

Advantages Of Having Your Own Robot Lawnmower

Enjoying Free Time
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When you think about having spare time to do something else around the house, entertaining company or just enjoying the free time, the advantage of having your own robot mower will start to make sense. They are not a maintenance nightmare that your old gas mower was. No more servicing prior to the season except making sure the blades are in good shape.

The robot lawnmower also has its own anti-theft system so you can feel safe when you are not there to watch it. It will make a loud sound and will shut off if picked up and will only work where you set it up at usually because of the codes you use when you set it up.

Your lawn will look better and thicker over time because the unit will cut regularly on its own which causes your lawn to maintain a constant preset height that you choose. It will charge itself when the battery gets low and continue to do its chores.

Why Some Disagree

Just like with almost every product you have those that feel that this product is not a wise choice. I have read quite a few and I feel that The operation of these units are viable and they will get the job done but just in a way you are not using.

Some people feel that you are taking a risk buying a robot lawnmower for a few reasons. Some of its critiques say that nothing with blades should be automated. They feel it is an accident waiting to happen like with children or pets.

Well, realistically these units have bump sensors and cut off it lifted. So I can’t understand why this is a feared problem. There are no known reports of these things butchering not even a pet.

Some also say they won’t save you much time. Well, I do my lawn and if all I had to do was trim around the edges it would save me a lot of time. So with that thought, I have no idea of what they mean saying that.

The one thing that some say that I somewhat understand is that they are a bit pricey. They are pricey but the low-end price of around $699.00 (Robomow RX12) is not bad considering there will be no more gas or pre-use maintenance to contend with.

They can go up into the $3,000 dollar range for the more sophisticated versions which are needed for your more complex lawn arrangements.

But for someone with an average size yard, it can be done with the low-end models very easily. And they are not that much more than a gas or lithium lawnmower would cost.

I have taken the liberty of adding this video in which I thought was an unbiased and fair evaluation of using a robot lawnmower.

What did you think? Remember there are other models you can choose from at different price ranges. You can visit Lithium Power Plus our online store to see other options. Just Click Here.


My thoughts are a robotic lawnmower can get your lawn done for you with little effort from you. It is quite different than the traditional lawnmowers but gives you what you need to keep your lawn constantly maintained. Although the price is a little high it will offset the price difference because of the lack of maintenance cost and purchases of gas & oils.

So overall I think this is a very nice piece of technology that does a great service for some.

Thank you for visiting in with us and please feel free to look into other lithium powered equipment at Lithium Power Plus our online store.

Leave all questions and comments in the comments section and we will be honored to assist you in any way possible. And like I always say your comments will help others on the subject matter.

    1. Melissa says:

      Oh wow, that is so cool! Robot vacuums now robot lawnmowers. I could definitely see the benefits of using one of these. I have a bad back and can’t push any equipment around too long so I would love this. The low-end price isn’t too bad considering what it is. I am glad I ran into your post, I must share this!

      • Thank you for sharing it. But I want you to know that the lower end equipment is made for a very basic yard. One that is pretty flat and not a whole lot of obstacles for it to conquer mainly steep hills. If you have a pretty flat square yard the lower end models will do just fine.

    2. David Donahue says:

      Very interesting gadget lawnmower. It looks like a Roomba! I think it looks cool but does it do the job? I would be interested to try it. I have a cordless weedeater that is surprisingly good at getting the work done. I would think this will either succeed immensely or be a flop, I hope it succeeds. Great post!

      • Thank you. There are a lot of people who wonder if this is just a product to get your money and don’t deliver. Well, I have been doing a lot of research on this product and it does work. My opinion if your yard is not complex, meaning a lot of steep hills and big holes in it, This product will deliver what you expected. I recommend you check out the qualifications of the model you choose to try to make sure it will be compatible to use with your particular lawn.

    3. Tammy says:

      Oh my gosh, what will they think of next! My elderly parents need one of these. I always worry about my dad overdoing it when he does the mowing and yard work. This would make a great gift for them, thanks so much for writing about it. 🙂

    4. Ejay says:

      I didn’t even know robot lawn mowers even existed! This is a whole new lane. Robot lawn mowers will be useful to people who are handicapped or elderly. It reduces their risks of getting hurt pushing a manual mower around the yard. Thanks for the tip!

      • That is very true. I will also save them from having to pay too much to have it maintained. And for the younger generation, it frees up time on the weekends. Another thing to consider is that your lawn will stay perfectly maintained during the season and you never have to worry about over-growth.

    5. James Lee Tucker says:

      I agree that if you have a robot lawn mower, you will have spare time to do something else around the house. This is important for my wife who is usually left at home taking care of our kids. She would love to have a robot doing the lawn while she cooks or bathes the kids.

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